Exeter City Living and Exeter City Council are excited to announce the latest ninety-two home development,  which will be known as The Gardens, Whipton.


Plans to redevelop the site were approved by Exeter City Council in February 2020. Consent was given for the demolition of Whipton Barton House to make way for a new high-quality development which will provide sixty affordable homes and thirty-two for market rent; all owned and managed by Exeter City Council.

All of these new homes will be built to the Passivhaus standard, meaning that homes need up to 90% less energy to heat. The homes are created to be healthier and more comfortable; where heat regulation costs are reduced and where climate emergency and fuel poverty are tackled head on.

The development will feature a biodiverse green space, built with community in mind, creating a safe haven in which families can thrive. Private gardens, electric car club, electric vehicle hook ups and extensive cycle parking have also been included in the design of this impressive development.

What’s happening?

CG Fry has been appointed to manage demolition of the former Whipton Barton House and old bungalows on the site, as well as to deliver a range of enabling works prior to construction.

Site set up will commence in mid-October 2021, with repairs to the hoardings scheduled for installation w/c 11 October 2021. A main contractor will then start the construction of the new building in Spring 2022.

The demolition works will be contained within a secure site hoarding. Construction vehicles will enter and exit the site from Vaughan Road. Road sweeping and water sprays will be in operation to reduce dirt and dust from the site.

By its nature, the demolition will involve some noisy works as the remaining structures are broken down, foundations removed, and material taken away. Construction working hours and deliveries will be from 8:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays, and at no time on Sundays or Bank Holidays, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority. CG Fry will work to help minimise disturbance and impact on immediate neighbours.

Community Artwork

The site hoardings will feature artwork curated by local artist Stuart Crewes, who worked with local school children and families through a series of community workshops over the summer. The resulting bright colourful artwork features a collage of images on the theme of ‘What makes a vibrant and healthy place to live’.

Staying informed

There are a variety of ways in which you can keep up to date with what is happening on site:

  • We will be posting regular updates here on this web page during the demolition works and the following construction period
  • We are establishing a community forum to regularly brief community representatives including the Mincinglake and Whipton ward councillors. It will help us to monitor how relations are going, provide progress updates, flag up any issues, and discuss the next tranche of works
  • The forum will be complemented by postal mailings to the local community, in the form of a regular newsletter
  • A site information board is also available to view on site, which provides contact details for the site office/manager.

Anti-social Behavior

You may be aware that there have been a number of incidences of anti-social behaviour on the site, with reports of trespass and criminal damage. As a building site it presents a number of potential dangers, and we do not wish for anyone to get hurt. Whilst we are keeping the site as secure as we can, any help from the community in identifying intruders will help to keep people safe and assist the police dealing with the situation.

If there are intruders on the site, please dial 999. If the intruders have already left the site by the time you make your call, then either call 101 or use the 101 email service:


If you’re interested in our Vaughan Road Development and want to know more then we’d love to hear from you.