We spend a lot of our lives indoors. Particularly at the moment, right?

Don’t worry though! We’ve got you covered with some top tips to make your time indoors as healthy and pleasant as possible. So, here are some quick tips for taking care of your home’s eco-system which, in turn, will provide you with better indoor health.


Open windows and the garden door where possible. Get clever about heating times and fresh air times, so you aren’t wasting energy and money while clearing your breathing space.

Bring Nature In

House plants are a fantastic way to increase oxygen and absorb pollutants in your home. The popular varieties are also super easy to care for, only needing water around once a week. Aloe Vera’s are great near your sleeping space, as they release oxygen at night. If you don’t have any house plants, but do have pots in the garden, consider if any of these might like a change of scene indoors with you. Just make sure any pets you have aren’t eating plants that may be toxic.

Make it Sparkle

Cleaning the high traffic areas, particularly those that get a lot of hand-touches, is important for infection control and general hygiene. Vacuuming, sweeping, or wiping away the dust in corners, skirtings, shelves and windows is also a great way to make a big difference to your air quality. And, to be extra kind to your home, yourself and the planet, use Low-VOC or organic cleaning products too.

Electric Avenue

It’s a good idea to minimise electromagnetic radiation pinging around here there and everywhere, as it potentially increases headaches and interrupts sleep. Choose a corner in each room to keep your chargers and electrical equipment. Turn TVs and plug sockets off when you aren’t using them. Check to make sure the place where your head rests at night or your favourite sofa spot is at least a metre away from any electrical items, including plug sockets. If you get in the habit of charging your phone in the evening and then turning it off or putting it outside your bedroom – even better. This is a tricky habit to break, though. If you manage it, we reckon you deserve a Gold Star.

Get Groovy!

Health and wellbeing is closely linked to happiness and fun. So shake off the stress, turn the volume up on your favourite tunes or podcast and – whether you enjoy a boogie or not – make your indoor space a sound-bath of positivity! If you sing and dance along, you can even make good use of that clean air you’ve been working on!

Look out for future blogs about what we are up to and how we build our homes with all of the above in mind.

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