Naming the new low energy council homes in Bovemoors Lane after Ernest Johns, a first world war hero, seems a fitting tribute to his selfless bravery.  Corporal Johns joined the Devonshire regiment before heading out to fight in the First World War in 1914.  He was injured in 1915, but after recovering went back to fight on the battlefield of the Somme, never giving up.  He was awarded the Military Medal for outstanding bravery after helping to clear a German trench defence system and saving many lives. 

The fact that Corporal Johns showed such determination and grit during the First World War, even returning after his injuries to fight again, is a reminder that as humans we should never give up.  We need to keep on fighting for that which we know to be right, whether that’s a fight against poverty, inequality, or whatever the case may be.   One of the major battles that we all face today is against Climate Change. 

We can all do our bit in this battle, in fact, it is vital that we all stand together as a united front.  One of the ways we can help is through more efficient energy choices.   With this in mind, twelve years ago ECL began developing homes and buildings to exacting Passivhaus standards.  This means that these homes have impressive environmental credentials. 

Buildings are comfortable and energy-efficient – warm in winter and cool in summer – which results in a saving on energy bills and the environment. 

The ten new three-bedroom houses in Bovemoor Lane are the latest attractive additions to the energy efficient portfolio that is being developed in Exeter.  Tenants will enjoy low energy consumption for heating – houses have been known to be kept warm by the energy radiated from a small dog – as well as cool in the warmer months.  A welcome relief from rising energy costs, they will be able to keep bills down whilst enjoying a comfortable healthy living environment. 

Using Building Biology principles at the core of the design, the homes also have super-clean air and are incredibly healthy to live in. 

The new homes, named Ernest Johns Mews, are an asset to the city of Exeter and just as Corporal Johns never gave up, we would perhaps do well to follow his example of determination in the quest to save our planet. 

Ernest Johns Bovemoors Lane
Ernest Johns and family