Have you been wondering what it really feels like to live in a Passivhaus home? Emma Butler shares her first-hand experience through a series of blogs. Read her first insightful instalment here:

So, if you are reading this you will have already reached the Exeter City Living website, which means that you are interested in the idea of Passivhaus and could well have already read the brilliant post explaining what Passivhaus is. Just in case you haven’t, here is a link back to it . It says all the important things, so I won’t repeat everything, but just in case you haven’t looked yet…

Passivhaus is not a brand name, but an approach to building which combines lots of things which make for a comfortable, economic, ultra-low energy home. Passivhaus buildings have super-insulation, triple glazed windows, an extremely good level of air tightness, a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system, plus clever modelling of the building physics. A Passive House (Passivhaus) works on its own and with you; without hefty heating bills or overheating. It really is simple. It isn’t some crazy system with lots of technology, in fact, it’s surprisingly low tech. It is passive by name and nature. It is intelligent design, with rigorous attention to detail during construction and has great insulation.

I am writing these blog posts because I live in a Passivhaus with my family. We think it is the best. We have lived in our house now for 6 years. It has transformed the environment in which we live, work and play. We are spoilt living in such comfortable conditions – not only because the house is a fantastic home in a very special place – but because it is a Passivhaus. Over this series of posts, I plan to share some of my experiences of living in a Passivhaus – it really is fantastic!