ECL is excited to announce that the Clifton Hill Development was recently awarded the Design Award by Building with Nature. This was the result of the high-quality green infrastructure incorporated within the Masterplan of the residential development. Each development takes into consideration the incorporation of nature which assists with physical and mental wellbeing. This means that communities have nature at their doorstep; always a great asset in which humankind thrives.

Building with Nature enables developers, who want to go beyond the statutory requirements, to develop buildings and spaces that deliver for people and wildlife. By bringing guidance and good practice together, high-quality green infrastructures are recognised at every stage of development. The standards have been developed by practitioners and policymakers, academic experts and end users, all of which has been tried and tested across the country.

Frame of Standards

The frame of standards, divided into four themes – core, wellbeing, water and wildlife – has three levels of accreditation:
Design Award – high-quality green infrastructure demonstrated at the planning and design stage of development;
Full Award – high-quality green infrastructure, delivering benefits within the boundary of the scheme.

Full Award

Once construction has been completed, ECL is planning to apply for the Full Award. This means that the construction will meet all themes within the frame of standards. The Core standard will ensure that the development makes provision for open and green space. Health and Well-being standards will be secured through the delivery of green infrastructure features close to where people live. Water quantity and quality will be managed to maximise biodiversity and convenience. Through sensitive construction and design, the space will be a place where wildlife and nature flourish. Good News for future occupants and the environment.

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