Creativity and community involvement is on display at The Gardens, Vaughan Road, Whipton. The hoarding surrounds the new development and is decorated with artwork by school children and residents.


More than fifty pupils from Whipton Barton School and Willowbrook School, plus families at the Beacon Community Centre, participated in workshops held by artist Stuart Crewes. He encouraged people to be creative and draw inspiration from nature and the built environment. The style of the project meant that people were free to express themselves; each drawing on their individual creativity. 

Jen Cordwell, of Whipton Barton school, said: “It was a really unique and exciting opportunity for our children to get involved in. They were very excited to learn that their work would be so visible! The style of art and skills involved meant that all children could take part in the project and they very much enjoyed the freedom within it to explore their individual creativity.” 

Vaughan Road Hoarding Artwork

The artwork was funded by Exeter City Living to involve the local community in the exciting project.   Good news for the environment and future occupants is that 92 Passivhaus homes will be created.  Passivhaus homes use up to 90 per cent less energy to heat a home; in fact, the energy from a small animal is enough to ensure optimal temperature. 

Building Biology

They are also designed using building biology principles, which make the homes healthier and more comfortable to live in.   The development will feature a biodiverse green space, built with the community in mind, creating a safe haven in which families can thrive. 

Sixty of the houses are earmarked to be affordable homes and will be retained as new council housing, whilst thirty-two homes will be available for market rent.  The development is part of the Council’s wider plans to create 500 new Passivhaus Council homes in Exeter over the next five years.